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– About Us –

NVC Singapore


is a Social Enterprise that was started with the mission of bringing Nonviolent Communication(NVC) Movement in Singapore. NVC is Communication grounded in self-awareness and self-responsibility, Not blame.


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Our mission

is to contribute to more sustainable, compassionate, and “life-serving” human relations in the realms of personal transformation, interpersonal relationship and in social systems and structures, such as business, education and healthcare.


NVC work is quite new here in Singapore though, NVC work is being done in over 65 countries and growing, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world helping people peacefully and effectively resolve conflicts in both personal and organizational settings.

Our Vision and invitation to you

If you are anything like us, you’ve always had a secret belief that life could be different, on all levels; that what we have around us isn’t the only thing possible. You’ve been dreaming, and you want to get there.

  • As Individual, we can be authentic without sacrificing care and loving without compromising our power.
  • As Family, we can find solutions that truly work for everyone.
  • As Organization, we can work with each other collaboratively towards shared goals that really make sense.
  • As Global Citizen, we can provide for everyone’s needs without taxing future generations and create institutions that are responsive to our needs.

This is what everything NVC Singapore does aims for: our writing, our training, and our work with organizations. This is also how we try to live, as a single individual or as a group regardless of how much support the culture at large provides.

Founder & Lead Trainer


Miki Amrita

Our invitation to you is to join us in this effort to create a world where everyone’s needs matter!

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