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Karuna Testimonial

Mr. Johnny Wong
CEO (DFI Digital) at DFI Retail Group / Former CEO, Digital Business at NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd.


It is my pleasure to recommend Miki for her NVC coaching skills. She coached me on NVC Essentials, covering all the basics of the NVC mindset and communication skills, and much more. I particularly enjoyed the practice of daily gratitude to very specifically recognize people to be grateful for, enjoy the feelings generated by such realizations, and see how I can contribute to my own happiness and joy. Miki very patiently coached me during our one-on-one sessions on 360 feedback, presentation skills, and the application of self-compassion skills, required to self-heal and re-emerge stronger. I also appreciated that Miki has a broad set of experiences to draw from, has a straightforward communication approach, yet also very much lives up to the NVC principles of empathy and understanding in her discussions. Highly recommended!


Dr. Le Nhan Phuong
Equity Initiative Executive Director


I got interested in NVC when a friend suggested that I read the NVC book by Marshall Rosenberg. I found Miki and NVC Singapore when I searched online in May 2020 for a regional training program for our regional fellowship program based in Bangkok, Thailand. Because of the pandemic travel restrictions at the time, we were not able to schedule the workshop for my fellows as I had planned. I, instead, signed up for 16 x 90-min NVC Private Sessions with Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with Miki. My goal at the time was to deepen my understanding of NVC and being able to utilize the NVC approach in my personal and professional lives. Because part of my work deals with helping my fellows to develop resilience skills and be the person they aspired to be, I wanted to see if NVC can be integrated into my coaching activities with my fellows.

Throughout my NVC learning journey, I found Miki to be a warm, empathic, kind, and authentic friend who easily guided me through my learnings. Miki allowed me to express myself freely and helped me to understand my “inner me” better. Miki effortlessly introduced new concepts to me and really made learning fun for me. I found myself enthusiastically looking forward to our bi-monthly sessions and zealously protecting my time with her – I truly felt that the sessions added tremendous value for my own personal growth.

As my learning progressed, I also noticed that my coaching skills improved significantly. I was a lot more effective with helping my fellows to see the issues clearer and be more self-aware. The fellows will then use their newfound awareness and skills to help those in their communities and families. So in helping me to be a better person, Miki actually helped a lot more people in the process – people that she will never know their names but will still benefit from her wisdom and kindness.

I can say with complete confidence that I am a very different person (for the better) now then where I started a year ago before I met Miki.

Ms. Masni Shaifful
Principal / Cambridge Preschool


I am the Principal of Cambridge Preschool. I have been working as a Preschool Principal for 8 years and have been in the ECCE industry for 10 over years.

I know Miki though her son who is currently studying in the center and they are one of the amazing people, to say the least. They are kind and openhearted, and anyone who comes into contact with them will walk away feeling a little better. Miki particularly just has that effect on people to feel loved and appreciated without even trying hard.

I have known Miki ever since her son, Ryder started studying in the school that I am in charge of. Since then, every time I reflect on our friendship and how we communicated, I truly thank my lucky stars that Miki’s family has crossed path with mine. She has done professional training for our entire teacher team at HQ and she possesses what it takes to spread non-violent communication. As an advocate in the growing industry of Early Childhood, Miki is one of the best persons I have worked with to spread, educate and empower other ECCE professional personnel this mode of communication.

I have no doubt that Miki does not need this letter to show what an incredible human being and teacher she is, but I wanted to write it anyway. I’m sure there are many testimonials just like this but I would like to share what kind of fabulous trainer and facilitator you’re dealing with here at NVC Singapore. I just cannot say enough about Miki as my trainer and as a friend!

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is interested to learn NVC, the powerful tool for teachers, counselors, and psychologist.

Dr. Tysza Gandha
Mindful Movement Teacher & Researcher


I took the NVC Essentials course with Miki and was impressed by her deep knowledge of NVC’s purpose, principles, and process. Miki’s engaging and warm facilitation, and her willingness to share examples from her own life, helped students to see, hear, and feel the difference between NVC and non-NVC. What I think makes Miki an inspiring and powerful teacher of NVC is that she walks the talk; she is so strong in her willingness to be vulnerable, so authentic in her care for herself and others. She modeled compassionate connection for herself and how she treated me throughout this course. I wholeheartedly recommend Miki to anyone seeking to learn NVC!

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