Nonviolent Communication


A Language of Life

NVC invites us to expand our perception so that we see ways to bring connection amidst conflict. At the core of this expanded perception is the skill to focus our attention on the underlying human needs that are seeking to be nurtured in any moment, both within ourselves and within the people around us.

NVC for All



NVC training and practice in school communities help teachers, administrators, students, and parents to make school a place where students love to learn, teachers love to teach, and where parents feel confident that their children’s needs are met.

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NVC offers a clear pathway for moving through this crisis. It provides specific skills for fostering intrinsic motivation, appreciation, openness, creativity, collaboration, and engagement – creating new systems at work and changing organization as a whole.

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Practical, skills based communication training to assist clinicians who need to have difficult conversations with patients and colleagues in challenging situations.

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Are you longing for your relationship with your partner or children to be more harmonious? Would you like to speak honestly about situations with your mother, father, brother, sister or other family members?

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Learn NVC

Experience NonViolent Communication

NVC Presentation, Keynote NVC lectures

Discover the beautiful simplicity of NVC. In our tailor made presentation, we’ll give you a first glimpse at NVC.

Intro workshops

a 90 min live interactive introductory workshop. Framework for learning NVC that we use throughout basic and advanced workshops.

NVC essentials course

Transform yourself and difficult situations positively by learning how to be more compassionate towards yourself and others

NVC as Social Emotional Learning (SEL*) programs in Schools

support parents, teachers, counselors, mentors and therapists to empower those they serve with skills in EQ and SQ.

Corporate trainings / Power-with Leadership Training

In moving toward a trust-based workplace culture,we look at the core structures needed to begin or to deepen the evolution towards a Power-with Organization.

Instructor Training Course

Start getting NVC and EQ teaching Skills and work with us.

Peace Starts At Home / Partnership-Parenting

Support a family culture where cooperation, trust and peace are nurtured, and children and parents can flourish together.

Family Camps and retreats

Families an immersion experience in connection and “power-with” that’s fun, nurturing, even transformational.

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