NVC Support for Personal Issues

Transforming Conflict into Connection

Are you looking for a reliable but peaceful and harmonious solution to your personal issues?


NVC Singapore supports people in resolving issues such as conflicts with family members, romantic partner, or colleagues through NVC sessions, dialogues, and mediation.

Many of us are actually unskilled in the art of listening to others. Complicated and seemingly endless problems that haunt us are often arise because we do not know how to express and receive our true thoughts and feelings in a way that truly connects with the other person.

NVC Singapore’s specialty is to guide and facilitate the parties involved to be able to compassionately listen to each other.


As for personal concerns, we also excel at connecting you to the deeper aspects of yourself that you have not yet made conscious or verbalized through language reform, and helping you to uncover your true desires and take autonomous action.


If you want to transform yourself and difficult situations positively by learning how to be more compassionate towards yourself and others, join our NVC Essentials Course.


NVC Mediation and Conflict Resolutions help to:


  • State clearly what is happening from each side without blame or judgement.
  • Build trust by communicating how they are feeling in a non-judgemental way.
  • Express their unmet needs (which underlie the conflict) to each other.
  • Listen to and understand the needs of the other person(s).
  • Clarify together what all people involved are willing to do in order to resolve their issues and build or restore harmony between them.

NVC Marriage Journey can:


  • Promote peace and harmony in the home
  • Increase understanding and respect among family members
  • Foster intimacy and connection between couples
  • Cultivate trust and respect
  • Move beyond power struggles into cooperation and mutuality

NVC Parenting Skills can:


  • Reduce family conflicts and sibling rivalry
  • Hear the needs behind your child’s “no”
  • Move beyond power struggles to co-operation and trust
  • Boost your child’s emotional growth and self-esteem
  • Clearly express your wants in a way your child will hear
  • Express frustrations without blame or judgment
  • Protect and nurture the autonomy of children

NVC Conscious Divorce helps:


  • Reducing defensiveness: If you feel angry or hurt during the divorce, you are likely to blame your ex for these feelings. Although his or her actions may have stimulated these feelings, NVC maintains that he or she is not the actual cause of them. The feelings flow from unmet needs for things like safety, respect and autonomy.
  • Eliminating threats: When two people cannot communicate effectively, they become frustrated. As they continue to try to get what they need from the other party, both sides often resort to demands, threats and other unhealthy actions. NVC prevents this frustration and the unhealthy behaviors that follow.
  • Preventing misunderstandings: NVC encourages both parties to be clear about their feelings and objectives, thus improving each party’s understanding of the other.
  • Fewer confrontations: NVC allows you and your ex to resolve differences before they escalate to fights.
  • Improving your relationship: As you practice NVC, you and your spouse should get better at resolving issues, healing past wounds and building a better relationship moving forward. Although you are no longer partners, NVC allows you to interact in a healthy way when necessary.



How would NVC Mediation works for transforming conflict into connection?


NVC Mediation is a powerful process that seeks to transform conflict into connection by fostering understanding, empathy, and mutual respect between parties involved. NVC Mediation empowers individuals to move beyond blame, judgment, and win-lose dynamics. It encourages compassion, cooperation, and a shared responsibility for the well-being of all involved. By transforming conflict into connection, NVC Mediation paves the way for healing, understanding, and sustainable resolutions that benefit all parties.


Regardless of your issues, we can help you to bring peace though our services: consulting, coaching, and mediation. Our team will put together resources to provide you with the tools you need to foster the healthy, satisfying relationships with yourself and others.

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