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Peace Starts At Home

Introduction to Partnership-Parenting

As parents, we often face challenging situations on a daily basis and struggle to create what we most long for. In this 90-min introduction, you will learn how Nonviolent Communication can support a family culture where cooperation, trust and peace are nurtured, and children and parents can flourish together.


Our parenting and communication programs offer simple, effective communication and conflict resolution skills that will transform your parenting for the better with any aged children.

Topics covered in this 90 min Intro:

  • Five key NVC principles to help you create a bridge of connection between you and your children\
  • A discussion of common habits parents fall into when hearing their children with judgment and/or demands
  • Techniques for turning your judgments into empathy for yourself and your children to expand mutual connection and understanding
  • Skills for speaking your truth without diminishing the importance of your children’s needs
  • Tips for changing your old, worn out and ineffective habits with new habits to invigorate your life and relationships


This intro course is designed as an introductory class for those newer to NVC, or new to applying NVC to parenting.

Peace Starts At Home

Partnership-Parenting for Parents of Children Under 5

Are you longing to nurture a relationship with your child based on connection, trust and everyone’s needs mattering?

  • Would you love to learn ways to ground your responses to in-the-moment triggers in your deeper parenting values?
  • Do you want to deepen self-connection and balance your own needs with your child’s more compassionately?

The emphasis of this course is on deepening self-connection and self-awareness, as well as nurturing a joyful connection with our children.


This NVC Parenting course explores what it means to practice “power with” parenting with babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Some of the topics you will experience with this course.

  • A strong foundation of attachment, trust and attunement
  • Specific needs and strategies of very young children
  • Ages and stages of development
  • The difference between NVC consciousness and NVC dialogue
  • Practicing NVC with less or no words
  • Child-friendly needs language
  • Guiding and leading without force
  • Holding your own needs while parenting little ones

NVC Marriage journey

– Marriage Journey Mentoring or Mediation –

Our NVC training provides a model for couple therapy that helps increase intimacy and connection within the couple and restore trust when it has been damaged. In group therapy settings, our NVC program contributes to increased empathy and understanding among members thus enhancing the therapeutic process.

The process in NVC mediation include:

  • Focusing on observations, feelings, needs and requests to support people in taking responsibility for their own experience, and being compassionate with themselves;
  • “Pulling by the ears” to help people hear the observations, feelings, needs, and requests of the other parties in the dispute, and build compassion for each other;
  • Offering “emergency first-aid empathy” when emotions are intense and people do not have the resources to listen to each other;
  • Tracking and balancing the process to clarity that everyone’s needs are heard and acknowledged;
  • Identifying and using needs as a guideline to craft agreements;
  • Using requests to find strategies, and checking to see if they work for everyone.

Mentoring is a way for us to help individuals enhance relationships. You may choose one or more sessions to assess a difficult relationship and learn skills to improve the relationship. We can support you in improving relationships with family in order to enhance trust, or with co-workers, supervisors, or your staff thus increasing cooperation and effectiveness. Empowering Communication does not require all parties to be conversant in the model and therefore invites individuals to take the first step in bringing more harmony to relationships

Private Sessions

Experience the magic of Deep Listening and Power of Empathy

With Our Instructor Trainee

50 min session - $60 | 80 min session - $90

With Our Registered Instructor

50 min session - $120 | 80 min session - $ 150

With Our Teacher Instructor

50 min session - $150 | 80 min session - $180

With Our Master Instructor with applied IPNB*

60 min session - $180 | 90 min session - $230 I 120min session - $280

*The framework of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) is like systems theory 3.0, providing a scientifically sound and interconnected view of the health of our minds, relationships, and neural networks. When we are guided by an understanding of a healthy system as one that is integrated, emergent, and sustainable, we can consistently point our therapeutic choices in the direction of positive potential, whatever theory and model is being applied.

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