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Communication grounded in self-awareness and self-responsibility, not blame

Thank you for your interest in what we do. In our tailor made presentation, we’ll give you a first glimpse at NVC and how it contrasts with the typical conversations we have when emotions rise.


The concepts introduced in our presentations include the four parts of NVC, needs-based communication (observation, feelings, needs, requests) and the four skills sets of needs-based communication (pausing when reactive, self-connection, authentic expression, empathic listening).


Discover the beautiful simplicity of NVC, needs-based communication concepts, along with the invitation—and challenge—to develop a new perspective of seeing people through human needs.

We also offer package of

  • A presentation combined with learning aids or extensions like NVC books or an email-based weekly subscription to a high value skills-based programme
  • multiple runs of the same presentation and content delivered within a year at multiple occasions
  • a package comprising a keynote, and a workshop on the same day, or consecutive days
  • a train-the-trainer programme where products, skills, or even a tool can be obtained for your organisation’s benefit, and lower, long-term costs where your own staff deliver a solution after our training and facilitation, and guidance.

Speaking fees 2019-2020 vary depending on what you require for a 60 – 90 minute keynote lecture or presentation.

Fee depends on amount of background work and preparation, including, but not limited to

  • pre-event meetings, customisation, adjustments to content, fresh research, inclusion of our proprietary research, and related materials
  • location of event i.e. travel/transit time involved
  • materials, if packaged with presentation
  • packages (see more below) combining keynotes with additional learning session on the same day; or multiple bookings in a given timeframe
    The pricing is not paying for ‘an hour’ but for whole experience

Inquiries on Speaking fees; and an explanation of how our fees are positioned:

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