An Introduction to NVC

– Workshop –

​Communication grounded in self-awareness and self-responsibility, not blame

a 90 min live interactive introductory workshop

In this 90-min session, we’ll give you a first glimpse of NVC and how it contrasts with the typical conversations we have when emotions rise.


At the core of the session is not only will you hear the difference in words, but you’ll experience the difference in underlying energy that you feel. Additionally, it provides a framework for learning NVC that we use throughout basic and advanced workshops.



The concepts introduced in this session include the four parts of needs-based communication (observation, feelings, needs, requests) and the four skills sets of needs-based communication (pausing when reactive, self-connection, authentic expression, empathic listening).


Come and see the beautiful simplicity of NVC along with the invitation—and challenge—to develop a new perspective of seeing people through human needs.

  1. ​It is a prerequisite for NVC BASIC
  2. For those already using Needs-Based Communication (NVC) within organization, this session is ideal to onboard new stuff so that they have familiarity with NVC.

Outline of Session

  • How you react depends on where you focus your attention
  • Recognizing our own reactivity
  • Moving from Unconscious Reaction to Conscious Response
  • Communicating without blame: the four parts of NVC
  • Self-Responsibility: The four skill sets of NVC
  • School, Workplace Application example: e.g. Conscious Feedback or Mutual Accountability

Workshop Format

This workshop is an interactive, activity-based experience where participants are invited to learn through self-reflection, interactions in pairs or small groups, and engagement with the whole group. Workshops combine innovative, interactive strategies with essential principles of communication to create a robust learning experience.

Delivery of this interactive workshop may either be as a live on site event or ZOOM on line

Dedicated workshops can be customized and scheduled to meet the unique needs of your organization. —​ or a combination of both, depending on your needs.

CONTACT US to schedule or for group rates.

Prerequisites:  No
Live Interactive Workshop via ZOOM Technology
Fee: $180

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