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Peace Starts At Home


Are you longing for your relationship with your partner or children to be more harmonious?

Would you like to speak honestly about situations with your mother, father, brother, sister or other family members?


One of our strongest human needs is to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Perhaps we long most to contribute healing and wholeness to our families. It is our conviction and experience that one person living NVC can bring this about in a family.

Even small changes in strategies can increase respect and bring about deeper connection and trust. This provides an anchor for the family during challenging times and beautiful intimacy in stable times. NVC Singapore can help you consider unresolved conflict and empower you with skills to bring about the quality of love and support that helps families grow closer and flourish. Imagine having the family communication and parenting skills you need to strengthen family connections and truly make the most of your limited time together.

Let’s start moving beyond behavior management with your children, to create a home environment grounded in emotional safety and trust one together!


NVC Singapore offers simple, effective communication and conflict resolution skills that will transform your marriage and parenting for the better and foster the healthy, satisfying family relationships you’ve always wanted.

We also offer NVC Mediation and Family conflict Resolution.

NVC Mediation can help you if you have a conflict or communication difficulty with somebody and would like support from an independent third party to help work through it to reach a place of mutual understanding, harmony or agreement.

NVC Parenting and Communication Skills can


  • Reduce family conflicts and sibling rivalry
  • Hear the needs behind your child’s “no”
  • Move beyond power struggles to co-operation and trust
  • Boost your child’s emotional growth and self-esteem
  • Clearly express your wants in a way your child will hear
  • Express frustrations without blame or judgment
  • Protect and nurture the autonomy of children

NVC Marriage journey can


  • Promote peace and harmony in the home
  • Increase understanding and respect among family members
  • Foster intimacy and connection between couples
  • Cultivate trust and respect
  • Move beyond power struggles into cooperation and mutuality

NVC Mediation and Family Conflict Resolutions helps to:


  • State clearly what is happening from each side without blame or judgement.
  • Build trust by communicating how they are feeling in a non-judgemental way.
  • Express their unmet needs (which underlie the conflict) to each other.
  • Listen to and understand the needs of the other person(s).
  • Clarify together what all people involved are willing to do in order to resolve their issues and build or restore harmony between them.

Nonviolent Communication and Mediation skills for transforming conflict into connection.

The mediator, a neutral third party, facilitates discussions between parties to help them uncover their true interests and needs from their declared positions. The mediator uses these interests to help them derive with mutually acceptable decisions. Mediators neither judge nor impose decisions. For mediation to take place, all parties must agree to mediate their dispute.

How NVC can help during divorce?


Divorce marks the end of one of the most important relationships in your life. Feeling hurt and angry is natural for both parties, and healing will take time. Unfortunately, these intense emotions complicate your interactions with your former spouse as you move forward. Since ongoing interaction is necessary for many couples, especially when children are  involved, learning to manage these emotions and communicate effectively is essential. In addition, healthy communication helps during the divorce itself, especially during alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes like mediation. One way to improve your interactions with your former spouse is through the use of the Nonviolent Communication strategy.


Nonviolent communication improves interactions with former spouse by:

  • Reducing defensiveness. If you feel angry or hurt during or after divorce, you are likely to blame your ex for these feelings. Although his or her actions may have stimulated these feelings, NVC maintains that he or she is not the actual cause of them. The feelings flow from unmet needs for things like safety, respect and autonomy.
  • Eliminating threats. When two people cannot communicate effectively, they become frustrated. As they continue to try to get what they need from the other party, both sides often resort to demands, threats and other unhealthy actions. Nonviolent communication prevents this frustration and the unhealthy behaviors that follow.
  • Preventing misunderstandings. NVC encourages both parties to be clear about their feelings and objectives, thus improving each party’s understanding of the other.
  • Fewer confrontations. NVC allows you and your ex to resolve differences before they escalate to fights.
  • Improving your relationship. As you practice NVC, you and your spouse should get better at resolving issues, healing past wounds and building a better relationship moving forward. Although you are no longer partners, NVC allows you to interact in a healthy way when necessary.


Regardless of your issues, we can help you and your family to bring peace though our services: coaching, consulting, mediation, and custom-tailored courses.
Our team has put together programs and resources to provide you and your family with the tools you need to foster the healthy, satisfying family relationships!

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