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After 90-min live interactive workshop, you will understand:

What is “Domination Leadership” VS “Power-with Leadership”?

In moving toward a trust-based workplace culture, it is essential to paint a clear, energizing picture of what you are moving toward. At the most core level, it is answering these two questions: “Who are we as an organization?” and “Why do we exist?”

Within the answers to these questions you will likely create clarity around Core Values and Shared Purpose. We often call this the “heart implant” of a Power-with Organization. Alignment around these qualities is what initiates the transformation from extrinsically motivating staff to intrinsically motivating them.


In this session, we look at the core structures needed to begin or to deepen the evolution towards a Power-with Organization.

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.


—Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, The Wisdom of the Sands

We will explore the “source needs” of an organization that provide the energetic connection to the organization around which we are drawn and aligned. We will discuss the core elements needed for a “self-organizing” and “self-directing” work team. We’ll see an example of an organizational structure in harmony with a Power-with Organization that values inclusion and autonomy. And finally, we’ll begin the discussion about how Power-with Leaders show up with both gentleness (e.g. empathy) and fierceness (e.g. mutual accountability) to become the dynamic drivers of making all of this work together.

  • “In what ways does a Domination Leader live in me?”
  • “In what ways does a Power-with  Leader live in me?”
  • “What new choices would I like to make to deepen my capacity as a Power-with  Leader?”

We use the term Power-with Leader in a very specific way.

  • A Power-with  Leader is self-aware.
  • A Power-with  Leader is aware of — and values intrinsically —​ the human needs of those they lead.
  • A Power-with  Leader is aware of — and brings attention to —​the needs of the larger group, organization or team that all are a part of.
  • A Power-with  Leader leads through trust, building a “power-with” relationship with those they lead.
  • A Power-with  Leader motivates intrinsically by reminding people of their alignment to shared qualities, principles or goals that matter to all, e.g. Core Values, Shared Purpose, Thematic Goal, Leadership Principles, Roles.
  • A Power-with  Leader directly supports the well-being and the development of the people they lead.
  • A Power-with  Leader is committed to evolve personally, especially to diminish their own fear-based mindsets and behaviors that diminish their effectiveness as a leader and diminish the desired organizational culture. An organization cannot evolve beyond the level of its leaders.
  • A Power-with Leader leads from a mindset of:
    “I matter AND You matter AND We matter”

By contrast, the more common “Domination Leader” …

  • sees people as objects to get the work done does not value the human needs of those being led, or values them only to the extent that it gets people to do what they want
  • leads through fear, building a “master/slave” or “power-over/power-under” relationship with those led
  • motivates extrinsically through rewards and punishments
  • is willing to fulfill goals at the expense of those being led, or even to their harm … is willing to coerce, manipulate or force others to get what they want
  • leads from a mindset of: “I matter (and you don’t)”

INTRO to Power-with Leadership

Outline of Session

  • Getting someone to do what you want … vs. inspiring action toward a desired outcome
  • Core Values: who we are and how we want to work together
  • Shared Purpose: why we’re together … and why it matters
  • Self-Organizing Group: autonomous people acting within an aligning force
  • The gentle and fierce role of a conscious leader

Prerequisites:  No

Power-with Leadership Executive Course

There are two fundamental ways to lead:

through FEAR or through TRUST.

One makes people grow smaller.

The other invites people to be authentic and empowering.

The mindset and the skills are radically different.

How do you want to lead?

In this 5-part series, participants are introduced to the foundations of Collaborative Leadership — leading through trust rather than fear, leading through power-with the people you are leading rather than power-over them.


Each of these sessions highlights a core facet of Power-with Leadership, and collectively they provide a prerequisite foundation that prepares you to delve more deeply in learning specific skill sets when you are ready.

Session Outlines

  • Session 1: Power-with Leadership — What it is and Why it Matters
  • Session 2:  Power-with Leaders Create a Culture Where People Matter
  • Session 3: Moving Beyond Rewards & Punishment:
    ​Igniting Intrinsic Motivation and Alignment
  • Session 4: How am I Showing Up as a Leader?:
    An Introduction to Needs-Based Communication
  • Session 5: Measuring Power-with Leadership and Organizational Culture

This course can be offer as private sessions or a six-hour live interactive workshop style


Delivery of this interactive workshop may either be as a LIVE on site event or ZOOM on line  —​ or a combination of both, depending on your needs.


Dedicated workshops can be customized and scheduled to meet the unique needs of busy executive lives.

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